When does aid do more harm than good?

As I work to get better at posting here more often, let's throw a hat-tip and a link over to someone better at it than I am. 

Each month, our campus chapters participate in an online chat as part of their Global Awareness Program, meant to give them a chance to engage with and learn about international issues. Next month, they'll be looking at all of the ways aid can do more harm than good, and why it's important to recognize how and why that happens. 

So I was thrilled when a friend sent me Richard Stupart's post on Matador Network about seven of the worst international aid ideas (albeit from 2012). And I know we've all had our fun with the million t-shirts campaign and 50 Cent, and that TOMS is starting to change its model, but for many of our students, this is still new -- and I can't wait to share it with them. 

See Stupart's article here -- and if you're interested, here are the other articles our students are responsible for reading this month: 

Educated Women Are Less Vulnerable, Right? (WSJ)

Fast Company Profile on Blake Mycoskie

Why Can't We Sell Charity Like We Sell Perfume? (Dan Pallotta, WSJ)
(Alternatively, his TED talk)