Leaving No One Behind

 STF Scholars in The Gambia gather for a lesson. Photo by Kate Lord, per usual.

STF Scholars in The Gambia gather for a lesson. Photo by Kate Lord, per usual.

I was planning on spending this year's July 4th perched (somewhat precariously) on my Brooklyn roof, watching for the fireworks blooming over the East River while also watching over my shoulder for my landlord. Instead, I'll be on a plane to Italy -- which all in all, is not the worst of trades. 

And here's the thing: This plane ride is all thanks to you. If you're reading this, if you're part of the STF world, then give yourself a quick pat on the back, because STF is about to receive the Torino Leadership Award in honor of our work!

The award is given by the United Nations Systems Staff College, and for its inaugural year the theme will be "Leaving No One Behind," the central concept of the post-2015 development agenda. And this is why you get that pat on the back: Because each of our supporters has taken up the torch for STF on social media, on college campuses or in the workplace; you dragged your friends and your coworkers and your brothers and sisters along for the ride until you'd supported almost 800 years of education -- 800 years (!) of education for students who we refuse to leave behind.

For the first time, She's the First will be on the international stage for our work -- for your work. And in the spirit of the day's theme, I want to bring a bit of each of you with me when I go to accept this award. You'll be able to watch the panel online, where I and three other honorees will be discussing our organizations and the theme of the day. But more than that, I'd love to bring your thoughts to the table too. There are so many people who, historically and currently, have been left behind. So message me, text me, leave a comment or send a tweet and tell me:

How do you think we can better ensure that no one gets left behind? 

(I wouldn't mind your recommendations for visiting Turin, either, as it will be my first time!)
More on the award here.